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Rossiter successes!

Ooh, I love it when the ‘work’ delivers… I’m referring specifically to Rossiter Workouts on this occasion. Over the last few months, I’ve had successes with an ankle, an arm, knee & hamstrings… very exciting!

The ankle, weakened a while back from a sprain, took a few sessions, & I can’t claim all the credit, as we (both!) attended a Feldenkrais workshop focusing on the ankle area. But… it was the Rossiter Workout that completely knocked it in the head!

Stiff shoulders were resulting in severe arm pain, & one session ended that, we’re now planning to work on the shoulders.

Both knee & hamstring pain (at different times, though possibly part of the same problem) were preventing a runner from participating in their usual club activities. The knee pain was totally sorted after a couple of sessions, the hamstrings after just one.

There’s also another client, potentially with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, where we’ve now had one session & are awaiting the outcome.

In general, I don’t immediately suggest Rossiter, because it is FIERCE! The pictures clients have of massage, or even bodywork, convey nothing of the ‘eye popping’ experience of Rossiter Workouts… however, the pain is ‘of the moment’ & you, as the client, are in charge of the level of exploration you do with the tight muscles involved. What I’ve found is that once people have tried it, if it resolves the problem, they are more than happy (that might be slightly loose phrasing!) to try it again.

If you’re in pain, brave & keen to take responsibility for your recovery, I thoroughly recommend you give it a go

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