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Falling off the wagon!

No… not around alcohol or even food… I’m referring to writing Blog Posts, or indeed, me not writing them! It’s an interesting time of year to explore new habits & those that are tricky to re-instate. And, perhaps, to ponder whether they are of value, what’s the motivation, the desired outcome…?

So, as with many ‘habits’, I had to ask myself was I simply being lazy, or was there something else underlying this inclination not to Blog (in my case, but substitute anything you’ve found tricky to commit to)? Well, in spite of talking ‘self care’ for most of my working days, I began to realise I was not making time to integrate all the new elements in my own life. I couldn’t spout wisdom I wasn’t hearing myself!!

I would say I often observe that when we are finding it tough to make changes, we may not be allowing enough simple, quiet time to feed our souls. It can take a lot of energy to change, or more to the point, to keep them in place. And, it might not be the right time, we may need ‘filling up’ first.

My plan is to be publishing posts again regularly, but forgive me if I don’t… I may be attending to ‘self care’ elements for myself, clients, family or friends… My aim is to put in place in my own life the fundamentals of what I promote to others! Take care till the next time.

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