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Overdoing things!!

Well, those of you who are clients, will already have some news through my ‘snail mail’ Newsletter & card, but I felt a short list of ‘rescue’ items would be useful at this time of year! I sell some of these, so do ask if you’re interested.

I keep tiger balm handy, & use it on my feet & the base of my throat if I sense snuffles, or if I’m around those with a lurgy!! I’d never be without lavender & tea tree oils – perfect for all sorts of infections, spots etc as it can be used on the skin. I always carry Rescue Remedy for life’s little (or big) ‘shocks’ – helps the body’s defences re-balance, rather than taking it deeper into the muscles. I find Floradix a great boost for flagging energy, or indeed a ‘shot’ of beetroot juice. I also tend to keep an eye on my pH (using my wee strips) if I feel a bit below par.

Having attended a useful Ayurvedic workshop earlier in the year, I now do tongue scraping & oil pulling pretty much daily, first thing in the morning, & would recommend this if you’re hungover, going down with something, recovering… etc etc… helps with the detoxing & cleansing process. (And much better than any of the vile mouthwashes that are out there – another bugbear of mine!) Many of you will have had my Handouts on this, but Google it, if not!

That’s more than enough to be going on with! Have a wonderful break – not sure if I’ll be posting again before Christmas – kick back & don your pjs for at least one day in the hols!! Take care.

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