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Intelligent Movement & Bodywork

It is possible to do a lot of movement & exercise without much attention to doing it ‘intelligently’, if it’s more about the end goal. Some mindless activities are useful, but it’s an idea to clock that! Too much ‘mindless’ or automatic time is not nesssarily good for us!

Having relatively recently discovered Kundalini yoga, I’ve also found a number of Feldenkrais friends love it too! A lot of the work is seated, on the floor, with focus on movements to increase flexibility in the shoulder & pelvic girdles & the spine. Working with bodies, in one way or another, for over 30 years (which includes my own!), length & space are often ignored in the torso… so many just want taut bellies, without a thought for some softness too, for those vital organs.

Within Teja’s classes, we perform repetitive movements for a particular length of time, with focus on our breathing & sometimes we hold a position, again using the breath. For me, this allows the time to feel into what’s happening in a particular area of my body, which, turn, ties in with the understanding of body parts representing different parts of our nature. Eternally fascinating & useful!

So… I urge you, whatever you do to get & keep your body moving & well, take care that it includes & allows for intelligence & awareness. (I use movement within my massage sessions… helps support new patterns).

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