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Ever changing self care

As many of you will be aware, my approach to life since… forever… has been to look after my body, brain, heart & soul, so they serve me well. This, in a society where the more common approach is to pay attention only, when something goes wrong… In the main, I have succeeded, though we never know what is around the corner. Those of you who have treatments with me, know this is what I encourage you all to do, too. And, for each of us, what is reasonable or appropriate is different & ever changing

Since giving up exercise teaching, I’ve explored many yoga classes to maintain my flexibility & have come across some great teachers. However, in the last year or so, I began to sense this was no longer what I needed… until recently… when I came across a Kundalini Yoga Workshop run by Teja Kaur  life changing!

There is much less focus on postures & more on building strength through sustaining particular positions to clear ‘blocks’. This ties in with my understanding of patterns of holding in the body, with the aim to breathe through the feelings. There is also chanting & singing, which I’ve discovered I love, & meditation. And, for me, always, it is also the teacherTeja is delightfully down to earth, whilst being totally committed to what she does. Her students are a lovely bunch & the chat over Yogi tea afterwards is the final plus!


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