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Feldenkrais immersion

Long time no post!

I can’t believe it was a month ago I enjoyed aFeldenkrais immersion’! My lovely teacher, Shelagh O’Neill, visited Cornwall giving various Workshops, some of which I managed to create space for… ooh, how my body loved all the  ‘rolling about on the floor’!

For those who haven’t come across Feldenkrais before, I urge you to seek it out, and do try different teachers… For me, having originally attended an intensive week in London over 30 years ago, the s l o w pace Shelagh delivers is perfect. My body needs time to feel into the tiny, repetitive, movements that lead to something surprising as they develop over the whole class. Also, I believe, the s l o w pace allows the brain to ‘butt out’, which is vital if we are going to find new ways to move, creating new muscle ‘routes’.

Having not done any Feldenkrais for months, my body felt surprisingly connected to the floor (where we usually start), which I sensed was to do with the Kundalini Yoga I’ve been doing. Feldenkrais is a good for me as I am the ‘Queen of Isolation’ (left over from dancing days) & benefit from exploring ways to use more of my body, even though I have the flexibility to do a movement in isolation. This reaches my brain too, & encourages me to connect, not disconnect… though both can be useful skills!

Wherever you are, do explore Feldenkrais for yourself – I’d call it Bodywork for the Intelligent & it has also been called NLP for the body. Prepare to be amazed!

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