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Stretches for pooped days!

This is a follow-on from my last Blog post, & I’m concentrating more on physical ways to help you thru those days when it’s all too much!

As always, we’re all different, so check in with yourself, to see what works for you. Our organs, our nervous system, our lives, all put demands on us in varying ways, so the solution for one person, may well be stressful for another. The only way to know which is which is to tune in to the signals in your body, very often by taking a ‘moment’.

Stretches at your desk can be great – Spine rolls (hands placed gently on the back of your head – no pulling – & drop the head downwards, softly curving the spine, as far as you can… then remove the hands & gently roll up, breathing fully all the time). Facial stretches – screw up your eyes & then open wide. Silent screams – brilliant! (Inspired by Liza Minnelli in Cabaret, but aspects of Lion pose are also there). Side twists in your chair (this works well in a car too – careful!!) – the chair keeps the pelvic girdle fixed, so you can maximise the twist in the upper body – lead with the shoulders, rather than the head, that keeps in softer for the neck.

Bounce on a Rebounder… even 5 mins gets everything moving.

Flop on a Gym ball – I tend to go backwards – soothing for the kidneys & great to open up the chest & lungs.

All the above have elements to calm & restore us, combined with activating a sluggish system – these help when we’re under stress & just, plain pooped!

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