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Pooped days & how to cope with them!

There are days when our energy is lacking, so here are a few thoughts… (do not, however, take this to mean we are smart to ‘push thru’ often – if this is happening frequently, then something’s gotta change… truly).

Eat light – your digestion is likely to be sluggish, so you’ll benefit from fresh, lighter foods. I find soup can work, especially if I want something warm.

Drink lots of water… & splash it on the back of your neck, your wrists, or, use a fine spray on your face… all very cooling & refreshing.

‘Power’ drinks – mine is beetroot juice – just the colour is enough to wake me up! Many of you do the green juice thing… perfect, just find what feels like a ‘shot’ of energy & tell yourself that, as you drink it!

Using calming music as background, tends to support the nervous system, much better than aiming to stimulate it.

Continuing that theme – avoid extra coffee or tea, or any drinks with stimulants, along with sugar loaded foods… you’ll just droop again, after a false high.

Finally, grab a moment, at your desk, on the loo (seated!) & try palming … If you rest your elbows on your knees/desk, the angle seems to be perfect for the neck. Place the base of your palm on your cheekbones, cover your eyes, close them, pause & breathe… Just a couple of minutes, several times a day is incredibly restorative.

And… never forget, a regular massage is a great way to keep tabs on how your body & life are doing!! Call me, email me...


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