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Full Moons, New Moons & trouble sleeping!

I got somewhat waylaid last week, around the New Moon & Solar Eclipse, so, a little later than planned, here are a few suggestions if you have trouble sleeping. These are more about being ‘in your head’, rather than deeply stressed – that’s a subject for another time.

The aim is to bring yourself back ‘into your body’ & if you’re too hot or too cold, this can be distracting, putting you ‘in your head’. Grab a fresh, cool, pillow, open a window, use a water spray for your face or bed linen, or make yourself a hot water bottle, it’s amazing how something so simple can help at times.

For some, soft, mellow, music can help your mind to ‘attach’ to something other than thoughts – clearly, this works best if you’re alone!

I’ve used this last idea for years… staying in bed, gently do ‘the Bridge’ – I suggest twice – which will often deepen your breathing along with stretching out the spine & calming the nervous system. Please do it gently – I’m very flexible, so you need to tune in to your own abilities. If you don’t find the bed very comfy/safe to do it in, it could be something to try on the floor, just before going to bed.

Let me know how you get on! Oh, & a massage always seems to result in a great night’s sleep!

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