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Slowly unfurling arum lilies

In my ‘sunken’ garden, I have one arum lily which has been promising to flower for weeks, almost as if suspended in time. Several others have now appeared, all waiting in the wings, none actually opening. I don’t get a lot of sun in my garden & I know other places where the lilies are beautifully open, so maybe that’s the reason… who knows…. thank goodness I’m free to get out & see huge skies & sunshine when my soul needs it.

As Spring unfurls & emerges, it is a good time to integrate fresh ideas into our daily lives. I’ve found many clients are doing this naturally as the new growth & energy outside supports new habits. I’ve been drawn to re-introduce Floradix, a wander in the garden first thing, pH testing my wee & tweaking my daily exercise after tuning in to how I’m feeling!

In my bodywork sessions, I love that we cover what is currently working, & how that changes. It is rarely about being ‘right’, more about being ‘right for right now‘. You will usually know what action to take, if you can take some quiet time to let the answer float up! However, we do occasionally forget strategies that worked, so chatting it through with someone, can be incredibly helpful.

And, if I can provide the quiet time, the conversation, (the Floradix or the pH test strips!) get in touch

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