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Restless dormouse!

Aagh, the ever changing weather is giving us stunning skies, unexpected rainbows & very soggy ground! Is it driving anyone else a little bit balmy?!

I am a lover of cosying up in the winter & luxuriating in the hibernation quality … but, steady on, now I’m restless & feeling the spring energy, the need to emerge… & keep getting scuppered by dark clouds appearing, along with wind & torrential rain.

So… below are links to further reading, if you too, are not finding the ‘outdoors’ very friendly at the moment!

The first is about happiness & the news – I love it when facts back up my intuition (really folks, do NOT get too bogged down by facts… it’s often simply a matter of time before proof emerges!) Then… use of the word ‘should’ – this may be familiar to some!

The New Moon & the Chinese New Year occurred earlier this week… it seems a real coming together of ‘work’ done over at the last couple of years. Interestingly, we’ve moved from 2 years of ‘wood’, to a year of ‘fire’, with regard to the elements. These pieces are fairly long, but if you benefit from understanding how our personal experience often ties in with the broader picture, worth a cuppa & a read!

Till next time, get in touch if I can help…?

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