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Winding down for the holidays

… Or is it winding up?!

As my last treatment day comes to a close, I am completing as much as I can before ‘disconnecting’ from emails & taking time out. Many of you will have now received my bright orange Christmas Newsletter (I felt something cheery was called for), &, in spite of planning  a calm lead up to Christmas, a couple of curved balls appeared!

I did a lot of talking to myself about priorities, ensuring they are mine, & not an ‘accepted expectation’! There have been some interesting chats with clients and friends about ‘traditions’, some of which seem to have only been going a very short time, & now we’re all supposed to conform. Writing it out helped me reach clarity quicker & to ‘observe’ the feelings, rather than be entirely subject to them! How are you all doing with the wind down/wind up?!

Here’s hoping you find the balance you need at this time of year, & are pleasantly caught up with some elements of joy.

For next year, how about an oil diffuser for the car – throw away those synthetic air fresheners & use essential oils (& please not synthetic oils…) to change the mood & smell in the car instead – a non-toxic alternative. Contact me if you’re interested. I’m back in the loop from Tuesday 5th January 2016.)

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