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Play, play and more play!

Hmmm, I would love to say the main reason for being ‘out of the loop’ is that I have been working on new ideas (which I have – more of that in due course), but, in fact, it is more that July was full of partying & celebrations!! I reached 60 and took a fair amount of time out to ponder my life, catch up with old friends, relax with family and celebrate in a variety of ways. Great fun & I hope you’ll let me off!

Meanwhile, I have also been working extensively with new and established clients looking at the patterns that run underneath all our lives, and how spotting them can lead us towards more potent times in the now. And, that, very often, if we do not pause to take stock, our awareness is impaired, and the unpicking, whether it’s your life or your body, takes longer. You all know that I’m a firm believer in examining myself whilst encouraging clients to do the same, and turning 60 does seem to have encouraged more of that than usual.

Strangely, those of you who remember last years freezer chaos in August, this year I’ve had roof chaos, with scaffolding & roofers being rushed in after a bedroom ceiling leak… Learning how to respond to external chaos with internal calm is an art… like letting go or flopping, in a massage… it takes a while!

So… how do you survive chaos? Where’s your oasis of calm? I can provide an hour or two if that’d help…?

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