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Apologies & Lying Down…

Hello there… I haven’t dropped off the planet, I’ve simply had my head in other places… so, apologies for the long gap.

Lying down is not connected, I’m simply suggesting it’s a great thing to do more of! Start the day by throwing a blanket on the ground while the kettle boils – lie down & gaze up at the sky. I know you’ve only just got up, but it has a totally different quality… honestly.

Or, have a bath rather than a shower – do a task or two while it runs, chuck in a drop or so of essential oil (I have a few which I sell – if you want one, just ask), and take a dunk! It needn’t be a long soak, it can be a matter of immersing yourself momentarily, taking a few breaths, wash and go… A shower is just more standing up, more ‘on the go’, less letting go.

I have taken my massage couch to a few Health & Wellbeing at Work sessions of late. It’s a delicious opportunity to explore slightly different work, whilst still being clothed and it takes no longer. Wonderfully restorative, yet allowing me to access all the areas which take a lot of ‘battering’ from endless meetings, driving & pc use. And… it’s a break from sitting.

Till next time. And, of course, if you want to ‘lie down in the day’ and have a massage – get in touch!

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