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Too often reserved for children, but what of magic for ‘grown ups‘?

I watched an interesting documentary recently on BBC about Complementary/Alternative Therapies, where, in the summing up, there was a suggestion that what’s offered is 70% science and 30% magic. I love this, as it appeals to the part of me that is fairly indifferent as to the why and how…

Sorry if that is how you are wired, but, actually, I am more than happy to be humble in the face of nature, and of the belief that there is very little we know, rather than buying into the ‘arrogance’ of human ‘learned’ knowledge. I’m not sure there is an answer for everything, and I rather like the more ‘feminine’ or intuitive knowledge akin to magic.

They also mentioned that they are offering time, which, back in the day, GPs would have provided. I am a firm believer that the 2 hour slot given to my clients is a huge part of any healing or recovery that goes on. What we do as practitioners is listen… and often, clients come to their own resolutions. Equally, we can provide a space where, in the silence, clients get clarity on what is at the core of whatever is going on. Then they can go and make some magical changes in their own life.

Thank you, to the lovely client who mentioned it to me.

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