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Another incredibly powerful New Moon (well, I am a crone and we’re more affected by the New Moon). A Black moon – so called as it’s the 2nd New Moon in a solar month (whereas a Blue Moon is the 2nd Full Moon in a lunar month). Much decluttering and inward processing went on!

Not long after my post on Joy, I love that one of my favourite inspirational women (Danielle LaPorte) posted a TruthBomb which quoted ‘Joy is an indicator of deep wellness‘. And, let’s face it, Wellness, on all levels, is what I’m about. And, I agree with her, our ability to celebrate Joy definitely comes from attending to our Wellness.

At different times I find the need to focus more on my body or my mind, my heart or my soul… though, indeed, I’m aiming to connect all those parts of me, all of the time. I’ve increased my fitness regime and my quiet times, alongside ensuring a constant supply of delicious meals – all of which contribute to my joy and wellness!

Meanwhile, there has been a theme of death and loss over the last few months, both for me, personally, and for a number of people I know. These times always remind us how inner strength, robustness and resilience are the key for continuing wellness. However you do it, ensure you have some quiet self care timetop up your Joy and Wellness.

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