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Recap on 2014

As we approach the end of 2014, I notice there’s much talk of goals being reached (or not) and how to turn 2015 into the best year ever… What pressure!

However, I have been checking in with various things I explored earlier in the year to see what’s working now and which I’ll take forward into 2015. I thought it might be useful to recap.

5 minute rebounder sessions are back in place, though I alter this if I’m tired, and stretch on the gym ball instead, or perhaps some press-ups. Basically, I pay attention to how I’m feeling and what my schedule is like.

I’m still using the pH test strips from time to time as a way of confirming where my body’s at re acid/alkaline balance.

Big changes with my yoga teachers, which meant I had to do some research and find new teachers and classes – now in place and I’m loving it.

I start my day with a daily spiritual thought from Shakti Gawain, then I journal and include elements of joy, gratitude, earnings and expenditure!

Whilst discussing homeopathic remedies recently with a client, I noticed I’d forgotten to use them for myself! How easy it is to fall out of the loop, and how vital to expose ourselves to things that trigger useful stashes of knowledge we’ve left dusty in the libraries of our mind… So, I’m taking an awareness of my ‘first aid’ kit of Bach remedies and homeopathy into 2015.

More than anything I notice how we benefit from mixing with people who extend and expand on how we want to live our lives. I’ve met and deepened friendships with some kindred spirits of late – truly joyous connections to take into 2015.

Finally, I’m currently working on the balance between the need for utter serenity and the need to be in nature – not something I’ve found easy since the end of summer.

Wishing you inspiration as you explore measures that support you, and, as always, if I can help…get in touch.

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