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One of the joys in my work is uncovering twists and turns that exist within the human psyche.

I first discovered this when working with students in my exercise classes back in the 80’s. The differing abilities within class members was much less about their bodies and much, much more about their attitude to life. I might suggest the ‘rule book’ they’d been given or perhaps gleaned from those around them.

Rules can be great, may be useful… and they can be highly restrictive, even destructive, especially if they’re hidden.

Within my treatments, whether it be groups or individuals, at work or at home, I aim to add an element of curiosity to clients’ processes – are they really serving you now? I was in a situation recently where there had been an assumed set of rules which were quietly being obeyed… but, actually, I’d said nothing. Other clients brought their ‘curious child’ and asked questions… no assuming for them. So… I mentioned this to those who were ‘toeing the line’ and it opened up a whole new world!

Time spent having a bodywork session, can also be time spent on exploring the foundations of your life – in a gentle, safe way. I make every effort to indicate the validity of doing things differently – especially, if it’s good for my health. Give it a go!

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