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Great Body Mechanics

Watch babies, toddlers and small children!

Before they get hideously corrupted by the requirements of school (endlessly sitting on chairs amongst other things), they are amazing examples of how to use your body. They balance disproportionately large heads without effort – because ‘balance’ is the mechanism, no need for unnecessary holding by the neck muscles… They pick up awkward or bulky objects in ways that use great body mechanics – strangely because that’s the easiest and best way to do it!

I would suggest you access a group of these little darlings whenever you get the chance and spend some time observing their techniques.

Perhaps next time you’re passing a children’s playground, you could take a peak. Or, if you have children or grandchildren, watch and learn. Truly fascinating, I think you’ll love it.

Then, take some of their moves and play with new ways of using your body in the privacy of your own home. Some ‘bad backs’ are actually repeated bad body mechanics, and could be resolved by making a few changes in body use.

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