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Our Internal Caretakers

The theme of the moment appears to be ensuring that we have access to our ‘internal caretakers’, and that they are still the right person for the job! By ‘internal caretakers’, I mean the internal self we check in with when feeling a little vulnerable, under pressure, or needing a bit of cheering from the sidelines! For some it could be a sense of an internal kind, supportive ‘parent’ figure who can summon ‘fierce’ if required… It will depend on who we are, what we’ve faced and what our lives demand of us.

We can play with images at different times… A typical example for kids is to picture ‘internal armies’ fighting disease… it can be a great way to access feisty and make recovery fun…

The point is to remember to connect with our power, our potency, and to ensure it has the current qualities we need to give us the balance of softness and strength required.

I came across an interesting piece which ties in with the Anthropology course I did and an image I’ve carried with me for decades…you can read it here… Never doubt your internal wisdom… and, check-in from time to time to ensure it’s up to date…

Sometimes insights come up around a bodywork treatment, when we have the space for internal reflection… contact me if this interests you.

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