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Full Super Moon tonight!

Having attended an Anthropology course some years back, it has since made even more sense to pay attention to the moon. The entire community, ie both men and women, ran using the phases of the moon. It made sense in some very basic ways eg the light at night! And, it also took into account women’s menstrual cycles, tying in with men going off hunting… Some interesting gender information to bear in mind even now!

At various times in my life, I have been aware of its’ influence on me and people around me and found it incredibly useful to stay connected to information (from a deep, spiritual source) about the ‘goings on’ with the Moon and the skies, in general. I have often found I want to reach out to my women friends at the time of the Full Moon, and it took me a while to notice the pattern. I now diarise the New & Full Moons, and consider how this may impact on my energy, my emotions, and consequently, my work. In other words, I use it as another tool to honour a deep connection to aspects of life that are bigger than just our little lives.

Currently, I have found Sarah Varcus to offer some useful insights that resonate with me ( and many, many clients) and allows a greater understanding of how our personal process often extends out within our communities and across the world. Her writing on the Full Super Moon can be found here. It’s stunning… and very useful… I think.

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