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Significant days

July holds a number of ‘significant days’ for me. Important birthdays of loved ones, some living, some not – all, I believe, requiring some gentle acknowledgement. Another year of ‘light’ processing – by that I mean not getting bogged down in tortuous analysis, but a skim and an update of any new perspectives. Much joy and, also, some sadness. Do you find ‘marking’ days useful, or would that just drag you backwards into the past?

Recently it came to my attention that I had been neglecting certain aspects of myself. When working with clients, my intention is to be entirely ‘present’ in order to sense the larger picture of what’s going on, which allows me to offer a more holistic approach to physical body issues. However, to do this, I clocked I wasn’t allocating enough quiet, spiritual time to attend to deeper levels of my own ‘stuff’!

In doing this, I came across a lovely piece about the body – ‘the body is our primary feedback mechanism which can show us what is and isn’t working about our ways of thinking, expressing and living’. It goes on to say ‘as we live our truth more fully and freely our body grows healthier, stronger, and even more beautiful’. This is from Shakti Gawain’s Reflections in the Light, a book I used to refer to daily many moons ago… As many of you will know, my approach is that I don’t even care if that part isn’t ‘true’, I like the sound of it, find it inspiring and powerful, so, I’ll take it and run with it! Find a way of thinking that empowers you and it really could be true… Feed your soul (and your brain) that way!

Along with physical care for your body, do you take a moment for your soul too? I have a sense that our physical body grows more weary when we are not nurturing all aspects of ourselves – hence me wanting to focus on ‘more than a massage’ when I give a treatment. If that appeals to you, gimme a call or drop me a line!

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