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Breathing and being, not doing

I’m not sure if it’s the Spring growth spurt that seems to start impacting on people round about now but overwhelm appears to have hit home of late. And, maybe, that the hot sunny weather, whilst being heavenly, is often, also, quite knackering!

So, in seeing a number of clients who were suffering in one way or another from their busy lives, I’ve handed out a lot of copies of a previous blog post on Breathing.

Meanwhile, I’ve been focusing on fitness, and it appears, ‘fell off my own perch’, as, although I’d been relaxing, I was cramming in a lot of ‘doing’ too – the old multi-tasking malarky. So, after having wisely pointed out some lovely stretches which make it impossible not to slow down and just Breathe… I clocked I better put in some more regular slots of that myself!

Many of us thrive on busy, sometimes, yet I have a sense, rarely, when it becomes an entire way of life. Dump a chore, a task, right now, and simply breathe into and from your belly. If that’s tricky, click through to my previous post, and focus first on the breathing out… ie make a space in your lungs and let them do their job!

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