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Barefoot New Moon Walk!

On Saturday, I finally managed to get to my first official Barefoot Walk this season, and on the New Moon – a perfect combination. Lots of children on this one, which was great, as they don’t need to be converted to Barefooting, they’re often doing it already! And, I connected with the delightful Sharon Mackay (& family) who I’d met previously at an evening talk given by a great homeopathic doctor, Jayne Donegan, from London. It was on Vaccinations, and she has worked a lot with a girlfriend of mine (also a homeopath) who was at my son’s birth. Sharon had organised the evening… and I had originally been in touch with her many moons ago when advertising in the NCT magazine…

Although the beautiful sunshine continues, along with some muggy days, I’ve been indoors much of the time, and at one with paperwork & the pc, writing the Summer Newsletter (if you’re on the Mailing List, your copy will be winging its’ way to you shortly) and gathering content for the upcoming Workshop I’m running with Sandra Cassidy-Neale at the end of August – more news on that in the next Blog. I know for some of you, indoor working in this heat has just been the norm… but I’ve been very lucky up till now!

The New and Full Moons seem to have been exceptionally powerful of late – need some quiet time to process big things in your life? Get in touch, book a treatment!

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