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Summer news, so far

Yesterday, I was in the garden doing some paperwork and I was stunned to see this divine little insect – take a look, it blew my mind – soo beautiful! Delightful to know you can be somewhere mundane, and be absolutely amazed. Keep an eye out – let me know if you see one.

And, to flag up, Barefoot Walks are happening again – the next one is on Saturday 28th June. I’ve not managed one yet, though you may still catch me barefoot coastal walking with friends!

For those who are interested, I now have the pH test strips to buy – great education for all the family, as one client commented the other day. I’m slowly processing changes and exploring the feedback from these strips. Stress is also a component, so I’m aware it isn’t just food and drink intake…

Just in the last couple of weeks, I’ve had requests for outdoor treatments, so do bear in mind, if booking a Seated Acupressure session, or a full lying down massage, I’m very happy to work outside. This does depend on you and your outside space – I’m well aware it doesn’t suit everyone.

Aah, summer sunshine in Cornwall is truly blissful – this is when I know I am lucky!

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