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Acid/Alkaline balance

A while back, Sandra Cassidy, a Nutritional Life Coach, came and gave a great talk at the monthly¬†Chacewater Hypnotherapy Group Open Talks. It prompted me to start my day with cider vinegar in water, which has resulted in an increase in my energy – interesting! This, in turn, reminded me to buy pH test strips, to enable me to do my own acid/alkaline checks at home, and observe any changes I make to diet or lifestyle – something I’d wanted to do ages ago.

I’ve taken these with me to a few clients, in case they too would find the self-testing interesting and useful. The results simply allow us to measure where we are, as a guide, if we are curious about this basic aspect of our wellbeing.

Personally, I love anything that I can check myself, as the standards I set for myself, and the desire to see the results, are not necessarily the same as a GP.

Amanda Bramwell organises the group meetings on the second Tuesday of every month, they cost £5 and are an excellent opportunity to meet different Therapists working in a variety of fields. The talks are packed full of info and the group is always encouraged to ask questions.

If you’re keen to try the pH test strips out for yourself, I’m planning to sell packs of 100 – let me know if you’d like to buy a pack.

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