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More strategies for 2014

Generally, I don’t tend to be very specific in my blogs, because everyone is different, and I aim to encourage empowered thinking and self-awareness, rather than spoon feed you with ‘advice’. Genuinely, what’s right for one person, can be totally wrong for someone else – it really isn’t me copping out, it’s back to what I said in an earlier blog – one size does not fit all.

However, it may be useful to let you in on some recent additions and changes in my health and wellbeing strategies.

  • my new start to the day is 2 teaspoons of cider vinegar in a tiny amount of water re acid/alkaline balance
  • just started skipping – tiny amounts and building slowly
  • increased my monthly Yoga workshops – 3 different teachers – works better for me than weekly classes
  • eating lighter and slightly less as I’ve been capable of eating vast amounts in the past & making my body work way too hard around digestion
  • more quiet, meditative times
  • binned my rebounder routine when I was ill (and recovering) – now back in place
  • paying attention to textures of foods – do they stimulate my taste buds for more good food or encourage me to eat crap!
  • increased the number of massages I have per month (for now)!

That’ll do for now! Weather and seasons, family dramas, workload, money etc all influence the need to reflect and possibly change existing patterns. Just notice if what you’ve been doing isn’t giving you the results you want any more and explore what area requires a new approach.

Want to talk specifically about an area in your life? Contact me and set up a session to discuss it.

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