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Soap Nuts!

Not as random as you might think…

Can you imagine how much washing I do? And, how important it is that I use products that won’t irritate the skin? I have a number of clients with sensitive skin, and, although I haven’t used bio washing powder since my son was born, I’m always interested in exploring options that do really clean towels etc., but don’t cause problems.

Very recently I came across a reference to soap nuts and discovered Living Naturally who stock them in economical sizes (with p&p costs equivalent to petrol), so I have been using them ever since. They are just brilliant, I urge you to give them a go!

Strictly speaking, they are soap nut shells, coming from the Soapberry tree, and they contain Saponin (soap). They are organic, natural & the shells can be used several times before being composted. Living Naturally also sell various other soaps and shampoos (and more), so worth exploring whether you have sensitive skin or not!

These are also an economical alternative to washing powder, not always the case when making an organic & ecologically sound choice. I have been spreading the word as I see clients, but do get in touch to ask me more if you want!


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