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Illness and Recovery

Well, what a hideous ‘lurgy’ there has been knocking many of us out recently. The really tough part seemed to be the relentless need to pace oneself after the very worst of it had passed. Being fairly old (well, nearly 60!), I remember when recovery was factored into illness, under the name of convalescence… Now, it seems we expect ourselves to get back to normal asap, or we’re slacking…

Illness can be a good time to ‘drop out’ of all you normally do, to re-assess how to best recover and then look after yourself better perhaps. Sensible measures do not need to be boring, though I got pretty fed up recently, when nothing I did appeared to make any difference!

Since then, I’ve added more, & different, ways of truly addressing head, heart, soul and body needs. I’ve also binned a few things, in order to create space and energy for the new elements. Whatever you read, listen to, and fancy trying out, do, but don’t forget to check in after a while to ensure it’s working for you. And, that very little stays the same, so, do a periodical update with all aspects of your life.

The ideas I put your way, may or may not work for you. We all work differently and need different things at different times.¬†Want to pick my brains? Call or email and let’s book a slot to talk.

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