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Rossiter Payoff – Happier Skiing!

Another success story with Rossiter …

After massaging a client with hammer toe, I suggested he try a Rossiter workout. He mentioned discomfort when buying new shoes but not considered taking any action. After a couple of workouts he was aware finding comfy shoes was much easier Рresult!

However, the real payoff (for him) came when he went skiing. Unlike many of the other skiers who couldn’t wait to get their boots off at the end of a days skiing, my client felt great! This made a real difference to his entire skiing experience, and was considerably more gratifying than the ease of buying new shoes.

So, although I considered the Rossiter workouts would change his everyday life, the life changing aspect was happier skiing!

The beauty of regular (or even irregular) bodywork with a therapist is the partnership aspect. I make suggestions, and because my clients trust me, they often explore new ideas. As I found with the situation above, I can’t always predict what will be the best aspect or the most dramatic payoff after implementing a new approach…

Happy client equals happy therapist! Do you have feet problems? Perhaps Rossiter could help? Get in touch if you want to give it a go.

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