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One Size Does Not Fit All…

… not in any area of your life. Fact – pretty much across the board, though I grant you there may be some exceptions!

Generally, the trick is to get to know yourself better and keep deepening that relationship – it’s lifelong.

That way, whatever the trends, the latest discoveries, breakthroughs etc, you can check in with yourself, trusting that you will know the right way for you, if you leave a space for that information to come through.

Massage is just one way of connecting with that deep inner pool of knowledge, so never let it be considered (and dismissed) as simply a ‘luxury’ – it saves many people’s lives.

Sometimes it starts with an injury and then… clients find soo much more is revealed, the benefits soo widespread.

So… however you do it, whoever you choose to support you, for goodness sake get to know yourself a little better, starting now… then you can filter out a lot of the popular ‘crud’ around making positive changes in your life.

And… if you like my style and sense I could help, get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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