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Add something new, drop something old…

Some years ago, I remember a friend telling me how after Christmas, she sat down with her children to find places for their new toys. The deal was they had to give away an old one for every new toy. As a sentimental, ‘stuff’ queen, I was impressed by this, as it clearly could prevent collecting clutter, and, almost more to the point, encouraged a sense of what was ‘enough’.

More recently, I heard an interesting discussion about New Years Resolutions that had a similar point. One of the biggest reasons people fail, is that they busily add in new activities without allowing for the extra time they will take. So it’s worth checking if you need to reduce time in another area of your life, whilst adding in these fab new habits.

The other great idea I came across is to ‘attach’ the new behaviour to an existing task that has the same frequency (ie daily, weekly etc), much as I suggest stretching whilst the kettle boils or the pc gets going. There are so many regular tasks we do, whether it be domestic or business, just make a new ‘normal’ and slip it in unnoticed – you know it’s all about tricking your brain!

And consider just ‘binning’ a habit and leaving a space – now there’s an idea… just breathe… Fancy some support? Get in touch.

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