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2014 here we go!

So, even though my year end is September and I do a lot of assessing, analysing and projecting at that point, I just can’t resist the pull of New Year to do more of the same.

Maybe it’s being part Scottish, or, in a different life, was married to a Scot… who knows? I seem to be compelled to follow a closing and opening ceremony in all areas of my life.

And, this year, it was a New Moon on January 1st – seems soo symbolic for me but then I am a very moony woman!

2013 was a very, very, good year for me, in many ways, so I am excited about gathering all that potency and momentum and taking it into 2014. I know that whatever I plan, envision and even execute may not bring me what I originally thought of but I do trust that it will always be good, even if it truly feels like crap as it’s happening!

So, surround yourself with those who reflect qualities you want in your life. Give yourself something to aspire to and celebrate the richness and variety of what life may bring you in 2014.

Wishing you joy! Want some company on the path? Call me.

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