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Strategies in 2013

As we come towards the end of 2013, I have compiled a list of ‘wellness’ elements I have used which have carried me through a challenging yet very successful year. I hope you find some of them useful – feel free to book a session (phone or in person) if you’d like my help to explore your desire to make some lifestyle shifts.

These are in no particular order and are best read with a sense of humour and a ‘take it or leave it’ attitude!

  • starting the day with lemon in hot water
  • beetroot juice and smoothies for busy days
  • Floradix (rather than Echinacea) for depleted times
  • PJ days – acknowledgement of a need for quiet times
  • Barefoot walks – works on so many levels
  • Sage tea for various reasons
  • Detox cider vinegar baths
  • Singing – in the car, at home…
  • as a woman, being aware of the New & Full Moons – feminine energy and all that
  • short bursts on a rebounder (mini trampoline) for a healthy heart & strength
  • eating a variety of pulses and grains
  • observing the usefulness of carbs
  • naps
  • gym balls for moments of stretching, deep breathing & problem solving
  • dancing like Beyonce in the privacy of my home
  • Yoga for strength & flexibility
  • Feldenkrais to challenge ‘patterns of use’
  • Bach remedies for physical & emotional issues
  • Homeopathy – also for physical & emotional issues
  • music to support the mood & activity of the moment

I could go on…

It goes without saying that monthly massages (both chair and couch), friends, family and clients are also a huge part of the learning, the joy and the process of life, and in that provide immense support around my wellness.

All the very best for a restful or fun-filled Christmas time, whichever is your bag, and here’s to a promising 2014. And… if you’d like some input from me, let me know.

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