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Back to basics

This blog post is aimed at those who feel I’ve gone off-piste with the content recently!

If your focus is more about injuries or physical conditions and less about the ‘bigger picture’, you could check out Ben Benjamin, an American bodyworker and trainer. He also has a number of videos on YouTube, again, some of which could be interesting viewing. Although both the articles and the videos are aimed, primarily, at Practitioners, I believe they are also useful for the person suffering.

What I love is his, sometimes, ‘vague’ answers, leaving it up to the client or patient to decide what’s best for them. He confirms, for me, that there is very often no one right answer and that the key is to get to know your own body so that you can tune in and feel the right way for you (on that occasion!). He is, undoubtedly, more singularly focused on the physical aspects than I am, and has spent over 45 years developing his techniques.

I enjoy working with clients who see our sessions as a mutual exploration of an issue, not where I simply come along and ‘fix’ them. I guess, in spite of myself, I’m back to ‘intelligence’ again – perhaps this time ‘Body Intelligence’, where all aspects of how injuries or physical problems come about are considered. If this approach appeals to you – contact me.

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