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Intelligent Bosses…

Recently I’ve been reading more and more research about the benefits of a happy, connected, appreciated workforce and how it leads to better output from staff members. Frankly, I’m stunned we needed research to prove this!

The organisations I work with know this instinctively and are looking to ‘care’ for their staff through health and wellbeing issues being addressed, as it produces great results. They are not looking for an ‘award’ to prove to the world that they take on board staff welfare, they just know it makes good business sense!

Health and Wellbeing is about concern for the whole person, which includes their emotional and mental health. It acknowledges different staff personalities within the framework of, in my case, a massage service, and gives people a space to ‘be’ within a busy working day.

Are you an ‘Intelligent Boss’? Do you work with/for an Intelligent Boss? Are personal issues given a ‘moment’ at work to enable better focus on the tasks ahead? Give it a thought – Health and Wellbeing at work is a vital part of long term success…         Get in touch to discuss a trial workplace session.

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