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Emotional Intelligence

Not a new idea any more though there are still those who haven’t grasped or accepted the significance of Emotional Intelligence (EI), and it’s relevance in everyday life, including the workplace.

I attended an interesting talk last week given by Steve Neale of BCS International (Behaviour Change Specialists) where he referred to ‘The Biology of Belief’ written by Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist. The specific piece he mentioned from the research covered in this book was the negative impact repressed emotions have on our bodies at a cellular level.

Those of us who took on board Louise Hay’s book on the mental causes of physical illness some 30 years ago, have come across endless examples that indicate a strong link – whether we like it or not! Me, I love it, as it encourages us to take responsibility for any ‘unwellness’ with a view to shifting towards better health. And, the idea is not to beat yourself up with this information, but instead to be empowered to make the change.

Anything that helps us to get in touch with how we really feel is a positive in my book – in fact it’s the only way forward… I suspect… but then I would say that as it’s the basis of my work! If this fits with your thinking you may like my treatments – book one!

Steve and his organisation run a variety of programmes for individuals and companies to improve all levels of output – great work, check out the website.

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