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Lots on…too much?

Gosh, when does ‘lots on’ become ‘too much’? I’ve come to the conclusion it’s when I don’t prioritise correctly!

I sense what works best is when we assess what urks us most and get that done first. And, clearly, that sometimes means ignoring what someone else wants you to do! But then, I made a choice to become self-employed a while back after a few hideous work situations, which may give me more freedom.

So… firstly I aim to tune in to what will work best for me to tackle on any given day, around any existing client appointments. Tackle is a good word for me as I like a ‘roll your sleeves up’ physical image to get me motivated!

More recently tuning in got forgotten and crisis management seemed to be the method of the moment! I was dealing with a horrid family situation which knocked me emotionally, hence tuning in went by the by, I suspect. I slotted in extra self care yet that still didn’t prevent a slightly scattered approach to my workload.

Now, a little more back on track, I’m able to reflect on lessons to be learned and a better ritual around noticing my needs. I can only do my work and be present for clients, if I notice what’s happening for me…

Do you have an inner check, a sense of whether you’re listening to your needs alongside hearing the needs of others…? How do you deal with any discrepancies? Could a session with me help?

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