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New adventures for the mind and body

This weekend I had to make a choice between anotherĀ Barefoot Hike or a Feldenkrais workshop – the Feldenkrais won! Although both open up new ways of thinking and can trigger childhood memories, encouraging processing and healing, right now my body tells me Feldenkrais is the right choice on the menu of life!

The experience of breaking down everyday movements into tiny pieces and putting them together again is always very revealing and useful. I find the stuck patterns of use old injuries tend to create have less of a chance to take hold when ‘surprising’ the muscles and allowing more freedom and space for the skeleton, which Feldenkrais does for me.

However, I will miss the lovely ever-changing group of Barefooters and offering my feet up to whatever surfaces appear on the day! I’m now a frequent Barefoot driver – apparently some people have been doing it for years, who knew?!

Massage treatments can lead us on new adventures too, through just giving us a space to ‘be’ – sound good? Be in touch

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