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Sun & Heat!

It seems so easy to be our best selves when the sky is blue, the sun is shining, the evenings are long and we can often wear less and kick back a little.

So, I guess a cunning plan would be to ‘hold’ any feeling of freedom, relaxation and joy we’re experiencing and then find small ways to replicate that when the sun isn’t shining… (or life is crap even)

When my son was growing up, we often had an indoor ‘picnic’, with a blanket on the sitting room floor and typical picnic food. Strangely the mood was always much lighter even if the weather was grim outside. It made our evening meal fun as we changed the rules to suit the scenario we’d created (not necessarily the reality).

The trick is to make your own reality, play with your perspective and make it a little bit more ‘sunny’!

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