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Maximising the benefits of your treatment

So the question is how do you prepare yourself for your bodywork session? Rush around until the very last minute aiming to get everything done beforehand? Do lots of physical ‘stuff’ so the treatment helps with the aches & pains? Smarten up your eating the day before, add in some exercise etc as you know I’ll ask?!

Or, do you perhaps mentally backtrack to the last massage, review your last fortnight, month or whatever and start considering what you need from this one?

And, what about afterwards? Do you stretch, breathe differently, instigate changes discussed (or occuring to you) during the session? Activate mental notes to self eg. eat something utterly nutritious and delicious, use my body like small children (great body mechanics), call that supportive friend, make that deal or take space for a little more reflection?

Many choices, varying needs, just increase the value by adding a little something of your own!

Over to you …

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