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Time to take stock…?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how important it is to take stock of the truths on which we have built our lives in order to ensure they still hold true. I’ve had some realisations which make total twaddle of some cornerstones of what was my belief system!

It seems to me, in listening to clients, that many of us are, or have been, going through major changes at the moment. It appears to be time for many of us who take a ‘conscious’ approach to our lives to dig deep, go inside and do some version of an internal stocktake.

I find when this is occurring in my own life I want to take more ‘down’ time, to be a little more gentle with myself and trust that these changes require energy and I’m not simply being lazy! I do more of the things that nourish me and ensure I tune in frequently, staying present with my needs, perhaps allowing some erring off the planned path. (Clearly, this is in and around client appointments and life in general!)

Does this perhaps ring true for you too…? Could a massage allow you to reconnect with yourself?

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