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Today I came across an article through a LinkedIn group on carrying laptops (plus paraphernalia) and the crazy structural damage it can do. Have a nosy at the website and the blog. Interestingly I’d just had a client mention exactly that…

This led me to thinking about the broader issue of ergonomics. Again and again I discuss this with clients and regardless of the specifics, the best advice I can give to most people is not to ‘fix’ themselves at their workstation. Movement, fluidity and remaining engaged is everything. I have clients who use a gym ball to sit on as it encourages awareness of their centre or core, and ¬†allows constant minor adjustments – perfect!

Also, take breaks to stretch, to change activity, again so you are not tempted to get tired and slump, even if you started off well.

I love music whilst working at my pc, that way I just can’t keep still for very long, but then I work at home alone so leaping up to dance to a favourite track is easy for me. And, I do break my tasks into chunks so I have to run up and down stairs in between.

Let me know any tricks you have to keep your body (and brain) active and functioning whilst carrying out mostly sedentary work… and pick my brains next time you see me!


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