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Goodies for Christmas, praps?!

Oops, it’s been a while… tripped, sprained my ankle, chipped a bone – my version on life slowing you down to the basics…! Kept working, tho, frankly, could do little else… hmmm, well, went to Exmouth to see Ruby Wax, and Bristol to do some training and see a client… but… apart from that…

Getting back on track, it is that time of year, and I will be sending out my Christmas Newsletter soon. In the meantime, I’m bringing my box of goodies as I do treatments, and the small pots of wax are just perfect for gifts. I have ‘taster’ pots with me for you to check out the smells – simply divine… And, they’re only £5! I also have my ’emergency kit’ range – Floradix (great if you’re feeling a bit run down), Organic Coconoil (delicious to eat, cook or cleanse the skin!), pH test strips (to feel virtuous when checking your acid/alkaline levels – or not!) and a small range of essential oils to use in the bath, in the house (please throw away those poisonous plug-ins immediately), even on the skin, in some cases, and brilliant to pop on a cotton pad and throw into the hoover bag!

Hard sell over, I’ll write again soon, with something deep and meaningful… or, praps just plain frivolous! As always, if my touch can usefully impact your life, contact me!

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