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Blow your mind, check these out…

In spite of the fact that I find massage absolutely delicious, and, it’s what I offer, I still realise that my work is about more than simply giving treatments. My aim is to encourage as many people as possible to explore different ways of looking after themselves. Massage cannot address or sort everything, so when I visit clients, I like to give pointers towards measures for greater health & wellbeing. Not everything will appeal, some of my knowledge, ideas and suggestions may even provoke strong reactions… however, I am serious about wanting to share the foundations of what I have learnt over 35 years studying with, and talking to some life-changing teachers.

We are all in different places in our lives, and only able to take responsibility in any area as & when we are ready, but, I think it’s good to expose ourselves to mind-blowing ideas, even if we reject them to begin with… Seeds of thought for later, perhaps.

Here are a few online documentaries, summits, conferences & websites. Please have a look – some are only accessible for a short while – so I urge you to find a space as soon as you can. The Mindfulness Summit, The Truth About Cancer, Cancer Tutor, Emerging Women 2015.

Your health & wellbeing underpins your life… don’t ignore it… Want to discuss anything you watched? Contact me

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