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Mundane chaos & Workshop Booking Form

Usually I aim to write something deep and meaningful, or, at least useful, in my blog posts, but today I am recounting the mundane things of life that can go wrong and cause temporary chaos.

The door on my fridge fell off in the middle of the hot weather and a busy week of clients… So, chancing my arm, I balanced it for a while till I found time to organise delivery of a new one which required much clearing of my narrow hallway…

All going well, new one installed, old one removed… Aaagh, freezer stopped working on new one, so I did a massive cook up of defrosting food and transferred the still frozen items to my back-up freezer. By the time the supplier came to repair it, the fridge had stopped working too… but, I have a cool box.

The fridge/freezer couldn’t be repaired on site, so I needed a temporary replacement, which meant much clearing of narrow hallway again. Some days later, the transfer occurred… all good… except… Now, my very necessary washing machine has died… it simply decided to stop spinning…

I’m nearly losing my cheery disposition! So… lots of noticing how to discharge, then bounce back from not very serious, but deeply annoying, challenges! How do you do that?

For anyone interested, the Workshop booking form pdf is here – Booking form. And, I am still giving massages! So, if you’re interested in that, contact details are here.

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